About Us


Cookie Man is an all Australian owned business which is easily recognised by the fabulous fresh cookie aromas, and the unique cookie oven which bakes the fresh, mouth watering cookies which are synonymous with the Cookie Man trade mark.

Our first retail cookie shop to be opened in Australia was in 1958 in a prime location in the Myer department store, in the city of Melbourne. This store proved to be the model for a successful retailing formula which has been expanded into numerous outlets throughout Australia.

From its humble beginning with one cookie type first introduced some fifty years ago. The level of sophistication of the concept and range of products has greatly expanded. Today, Cookie Man boasts up to 20 cookie varieties, a large range of hand made, cream filled cookies and premium coffee as an expansion of the concept. This is coupled with an eye catching gift range which also serves to merchandise the shops.

At the heart of Cookie Man is the automated cookie oven. These retail cookie ovens are supplied exclusively to Cookie Man both here in Australia and the international markets.