About Us


Cookie Man is an all Australian owned business which is easily recognised by the mouth watering biscuits.

Our first retail shop to be opened in Australia was in 1958 in a prime location in the Myer department store, in the city of Melbourne. This store proved to be the model for a successful retailing formula which expanded into numerous outlets throughout Australia.

From its humble beginning with one cookie type first introduced some fifty years ago. The level of sophistication of the concept and range of products has greatly expanded. Today, Cookie Man boasts up to 20 varieties as well as an impressive range of eye catching gifts for all occasions.

Although we currently only have two Cookie Man locations, Cookie Man Chermside and a Cookie Man counter in David Jones Perth you can find our fabulous, fresh biscuits all over Australia in Mrs Fields stores as Aussie Biscuits and packaged on the shelves of several independent retailers. Click on the 'Stockists' tab to see a complete list of the locations you can find us.

At the heart of Cookie Man is the automated cookie oven. These retail cookie ovens are supplied exclusively to Cookie Man both here in Australia and the international markets.